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From "Dave Naden" <>
Subject RE: log rotation clarification
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2003 11:19:52 GMT
Tim, looking up javadoc for the logger, I see a property (info) telling us about that logger.
 How do I access that property from my jsp (or can I)?  What's the name of the logger object?
Dave Naden

-----Original Message-----
From: Tim Funk [] 
Sent: Monday, July 07, 2003 6:56 AM
To: Tomcat Users List
Subject: Re: log rotation clarification

This is correct.
The config for localhost_x is in its logging element.

For example:
         <Logger className="org.apache.catalina.logger.FileLogger"
                  directory="logs"  prefix="localhost_log." suffix=".txt"

For all configurable properties, see the javadocs for 

For catalina.out - it still doesn't rotate and that is not changing. But it 
*may* change if if one of the committers do change and it isn't -1'd.


Euan Guttridge wrote:
> Tomcat automatically rotates localhost_log_x and 
> localhost_access_log_x, but not catalina.out. From searching the 
> archives you need to use a cron to rotate catalina.
> 1 - Is this correct
> 2 - Where is the rotation for localhost_x configured?
> 3 - Will this change in TC5?
> Thanks,
> Euan

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