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From Simon Pabst <>
Subject Re: different port to have different base directory
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 23:19:01 GMT
forgot, you need to put that -f configfile stuff into two different's too
(i personally don't use the shutdown mechanism for stopping Tomcats, a kill 
-9 works better ;-)

At 01:08 24.07.2003 +0200, you wrote:
>One tomcat with HTTP and HTTPS connector would be the simplest solution,
>just it won't work with the same context having two different directories 
>So either you use one tomcat and server.xml with two different Contexts, or
>you have use one tomcat installation, 2 different server.xml's, 2 
>conf/http_server.xml: HTTP Connector on 7080, shutdown port, context 
>localservlet -> $CATALINA_HOME/webapps/
>conf/https_server.xml: HTTPS Connector on 7081, different shutdown port, 
>context localservlet -> $CATALINA_HOME/secuareapps/
>Modify last line of
>bin/ exec "$PRGDIR"/"$EXECUTABLE" start -f 
>"${PRGDIR}/../conf/http_server.xml" "$@"
>bin/ "$PRGDIR"/"$EXECUTABLE" start -f 
>"${PRGDIR}/../conf/https_server.xml" "$@"
>Or leave as it is and put the following into your tomcat init 
> -f /path/to/tomcat/conf/http[s]server.xml"
>for SSL/HTTPS configuration
>At 17:06 23.07.2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>I successfully configured tomcat for mutual authentication.
>>I would like to start tomcat server with 2 connectors listening at
>>But both of them should use different base directory. i.e., when I invoke
>>from my browser, tomcat should try to find this servlet in 
>>"$CATALINA_HOME/webapps/" location.
>>and if I invoke using https
>>it should try to find this servlet in "$CATALINA_HOME/secuareapps/" location.
>>Is there any way of doing this without using virual hosts 'cuz I want the 
>>same hostname.
>>Based on the port number (7080/7081) (or) protocol(http/https) they 
>>should have different base root directory i.e., for example
>>I also do not want connections coming from http have access to look into 
>>secureapps directory and https have access to webapps.
>>Have anybody tried this?
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