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From Simon Pabst <>
Subject Re: mod-jk and SSL certificates
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 17:40:19 GMT
that error_log message typically comes up if is not 
found or loaded
put the following in global httpd.conf (not into a (SSL) VirtualHost):
JkSet config.file /path/to/

Also check that Apache hast permissions to read it,
and that you don't have and IfModule directives before which don't work 

At 18:11 17.07.2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have installed Apache and Tomcat together in various configurations - 
>using modwebapp initially but now under mod-jk2. I can't get mod-jk to 
>work because when I use it I get permission 403 errors from all the web 
>application contexts and the following message appears twice in the error_log :
>'(2)No such file or directory: Error while opening the workers, jk will 
>not work'
>If anyone can throw light on this I would appreciate it, I would 
>investigate mod-jk further. This leads me on to the true reason for trying 
>different configurations - I want to get the SSL client certificate from a 
>servlet request object. I know that modwebapp does not support this so I 
>have been trying to do it using mod-jk2.
>I understand I need a call like:
>X509Certificate jsseCerts[] = (X509Certificate [])
>           request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate");
>but this just returns null. Interestingly the following call
>returns 'true'
>returns 'https'
>Can anyone help? Is there a good howto or tutorial out there? Is it 
>actually possible?
>Thanks in advance.
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