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From Simon Pabst <>
Subject Re: Tomcat service on Windows 2000 stopped unexpectedly
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2003 21:56:44 GMT
Your Java Virtual Machine(s) could be crashing.
Search for "HotSpot Virtual Machine Error" in catalina.out and your 
application logs.

We had a problem with crashing JVM's (JDK 1.4.1) on Tomcat 4.1.24 (on 
Linux) and using ConcurrentGC/ParNewGC.
With ParallelGC the JVM works stable (although Garbage Collection 
performance is worse and leads to OutOfMemory from time to time,
since the application needs a lot of temporary memory for PDF generations 
with FOP)

Try using different Java Options and Collectors or JDK 1.4.1

See also

At 17:23 14.07.2003 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi, All
>I'm running multiple Tomcat4.1.18/JSDK1.4.2 instances on Windows 2000 (SP3)
>as services. Unfortunately, those tomcat services randomly stopped
>unexpectedly. Windows event log didn't tell much detail, Tomcat log either.
>Does anyone have this kind of experience? How can I address it? Any
>information appreciated.
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