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From Robert Wray <>
Subject Re: tomcat-WEB-INF
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 23:10:39 GMT
This is right.

Tomcat checks the webapplication/WEB-INF/classes directory for servlet classes.
Tomcat checks the webapplication/WEB-INF/lib directory for library files.
A users web browser will check any file under the webapplication directory 
that is not under the webapplication/WEB-INF directory that is specified in 
an applet.

Why do you want to place your classes and libraries outside of the WEB-INF 

At 02:05 PM 17/07/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>yeah, that`s what i mean. you have a structure like this 
>/webapps/mywebapplication/newsubfolder and tomcat didn`t find the classes 
>in the subfolder. is this right?
>Elif Akten schrieb:
>>I tried put some subfolders under my webapplication, and there was an 
>>class path error..
>>----Original Message Follows----
>>don`t really understand what you are doing. did you have a structure like 
>>this /webapps/mywebapplication/anotherwebapplication ?
>>that won`t go. it must be /webapps/mywebapplication
>>                                     /webapps/anotherwebapplication  bernd
>>Elif Akten schrieb:
>>>I have an webapplication under /webapp/mywebapplication,
>>>I put all classes and lib files under WEB-INF directory classes  and lib 
>>>directory, it works fine, but if I put a new directory under 
>>>mywebapplication folder it gives NoClasssDef error.
>>>what Shoul I do?

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