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From Hans Wichman <>
Subject sessionids through url rewriting
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 17:50:47 GMT
I've read in the servlets specs that tomcat must support session management 
through url rewriting, but nothing happens when I disable the cookies 
(testing in netscape 7, since ie 6 sp1 can't disable the cookies).

I have one servlet, let's call it /myServlet, which implements a command 
like pattern wrapping a result generating application, for example I call 
the servlet with

The servlet parses the command and arguments into command objects and 
passes them onto an instance of an application which is stored in each 
users session (each user has his own instance of the application), the 
application processes the request using templates blablahblah and the 
servlet gets all the generated content using getResult() dumping it into 
the output stream of the servlet.

Where in this process should the automatic url rewriting occur? I haven't 
got a clue....
Does my own request (see 1) overwrite any jsessionid that should 
automatically be added ? Is url rewriting only supported directly from 
hyperlinks in a jsp page?

Hope anyone can help, I'm using apache tomcat/4.1.24 (and not 4.1.23 ;-))


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