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From Jon Wynacht <>
Subject Wiring Tomcat to Apache -> Viewing From Outside LAN
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 20:49:20 GMT

I'm running Apache 2 and Tomcat 4.1.24 on RedHat 9.

On my router/firewall, both port 80 and 8080 are open. I can access the 
Apache server and Tomcat server this way, from outside my firewall.

 From inside, however, I have to use localhost and not the domain name, 
to access the Tomcat and Apache server.

So I set up mod_webapp so the two could talk and I could serve webapps 
and for some reason, from the outside, things aren't working. If I try 
to connect to the webapp via the Apache mapping I get the login screen 
but it keeps asking me for the login, even though things are good 
there. If I go direct to the Tomcat I get j_security_check errors.

 From the inside, I can access and log in via 8080 but not via 80 (and 
the mod_webapp connector). I get to the login page, log in and it takes 
me right back to the login page.

Anybody see this behavior before? I'm wondering if I should use another 
connector or if there is something misconfigured in my httpd.conf and 
server.xml that prevents the proper behavior from happening.

I've checked the log files but found nothing.

Thanks in advance,


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