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From Rick Roberts <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Crashing on Linux
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 19:10:15 GMT
You are correct.  Crashing is the wrong way to describe it.
There is a process still active in my process list.

This has become frequent enough that I should be able to track it down.
However; I don't know what triggers the failure.  I only know that it happens 
every few days on both computers.

Thanks for the advice I will follow it and let you know what I discover.



Oscar Carrillo wrote:
> You might want to look at how many processes/threads are listed for tomcat
> and your database.
> You might see that one of them or both is creating and keeping too many
> threads around. At least that would be a start.
> For tomcat, I have a daemon script that has a status command that tells 
> you all the pid's of processes for tomcat. You can get it off my web page:
> You can just use the command I use for that which is on the web page also.
> You should do something similar for Oracle to see how many processes are 
> in the process table.
> You could try and restarting the database, which would clear out
> connections that aren't timing out, and see if tomcat starts responding
> again.
> You say it's crashing, but is it really? It clearly has problems
> restarting and is not responding. But that may not be the same as
> crashing. Are there processes showing tomcat is still up?
> Oscar

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