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From Andrew Geery <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Education & Examples
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 16:37:42 GMT
I think what you're looking for is an application "framework". There are 
a number of them at Apache:


All of the above projects have nice example "templates".

Donald Duquaine wrote:

>I understand that this list can be helpful to have our questions answered.
>And, that
>books seem not to be the most up todate means to acquire the most current
>and Tomcat (catalina) techniques.  I learn best by examples and I have been
>a Tomcat
>user for several years.  In all my google searching, I have not found a
>robust template
>example that has assisted me in creating my app.  I am having to code from
>I have started over several times because my design was flawed for one
>reason or another,
>but I am making headway.  My app is now in production. What I want most is
>to be
>part of a group that is focused on developing the end application.  Tomcat
>is an important
>part of this development and this 'app-group' would need to recognize
>Tomcat's capabilities.
>How many others need an 'app-group'? or examples?
>Best Regards,
>Donald Duquaine
>Millennium Laboratories Inc.
>(813) 925-3871 voice (813) 925-3872 fax
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