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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Apache + Tomcat + mod_jk
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 15:52:33 GMT

or 3) dispensing with the mod_jk.conf method and modifying httpd.conf 
manually to work in your environment.


John Turner wrote:

> We didn't know you were using the mod_jk.conf method.
> How about posting your dir structure, with a description of where you 
> want your files to be, and then post the relevant VirtualHost block 
> (sanitized if necessary) from mod_jk.conf?  Then we can see what it is 
> you have already so we don't go around in circles.
> The point of previous posts is that if you want Apache to serve static 
> content from a certain location, you typically use DocumentRoot to 
> specify that location.  If the DocumentRoot in your mod_jk.conf file 
> isn't working for you, you will have to consider 1) changing your dir 
> structure and server.xml so that mod_jk.conf is created with a 
> DocumentRoot that does work for you, or 2) changing where you put your 
> files to fit with the current DocumentRoot that is being generated.
> John
> v.siguier wrote:
>> Thanks for your help but I don't understand where I have to put these 
>> new lines...
>> I have made changes in server.xml and I have created 
>> (under Tomcat) in order to generate automatically 
>> mod_jk.conf.
>> In Apache config file, I have made no changes for my new webapp... do 
>> I have to write any information concerning my application in httpd.conf ?

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