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From Antonio Fiol BonnĂ­n <>
Subject Production server tuning
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 05:11:11 GMT

We have already gone live, and we actually spend too much time dead. I 
hope some of you can help me a bit about the problems we have.

3 Apache web servers (1.3.23) behind a replicated load balancer in DMZ
1 Tomcat server (4.1.9) behind firewall, in "secure" zone.
1 Firewall in between.

Some facts I observed:
- Under high load, server sometimes hangs from the user's point of view 
(connection not refused, but nothing comes out of them.
- Under low load, I "netstat" and I still see lots of "ESTABLISHED" 
connections between the web servers and the Tomcat server.

For the first case, I reckon I might have found the cause:
Apache MaxClients is set to 200, and Tomcat maxProcessors was set to 
something about 150. Taking into account that there are 3 Apache, that 
means 200 x 3 = 600 clients --> tomcat chokes. Just raised maxProcessors 
to 601 ;-)

For the second one, I have really no clue:
Apache MaxSpareServers is set to 10. I see more than 30 "ESTABLISHED" 
connections even with extremely load.

Could someone point me to either
- a solution (or part thereof, or hints, or ...)
- a good tomcat tuning resource

I hope I can find a solution for this soon... The Directors are starting 
to think that buying WebLogic is the solution to our nightmares. They 
think they only need to throw money at the problem. Please help me show 
them they are wrong before they spend the money.

Thank you very much.

Antonio Fiol

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