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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Education
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 15:22:25 GMT

The Wrox book covers Tomcat 4.  I know this because I have a copy of it. 
  It's actually a pretty decent resource.

Someone sent me a copy of "Mastering Tomcat Development", which looks 
pretty good from my brief skimming.

I think perhaps you should clarify what you mean by "integrating with 
Tomcat".  The only thing I know of that causes difficulty with any of 
the number of servlet books out there is that the books typically use 
the Invoker servlet which has been disabled by default in Tomcat 4 for 
months (but is easily enabled if you must use it although it isn't 
recommended).  The Invoker servlet issue is clearly covered in the 
Tomcat FAQ, which is here:

There's the Application Development Guide:

There's the ClassLoader HOWTO, which will come in handy when you write 
your own classes and you want to know where to put them and why:

And the configuration reference:

You will save yourself a ton of time, effort, and grief if, when you 
experience a problem and can't solve it after a bit of time, you post 
here to the list.  You'll usually get an answer promptly, typically 
within an hour or so.

So, if you want to start another thread about your admin tool question, 
I'm pretty confident you will get an answer promptly, assuming your 
question is clearly worded and your post has specific information in it 
describing what you are trying to do.


Ben Johnson wrote:

> Hello all,
> 	I'm new to the Tomcat world and I'm desperately trying to find some
> good resources to learn from.  I bought Professional Apache Tomcat (Wrox)
> and it's decent but it's for version 3.0 or something.  I also have a
> Servlet book from O'Reilly but it doesn't help when integrating with Tomcat.
> I've spent an inordinate number of hours just trying to figure out how to
> pull DataSources using the admin tool and I still haven't figured it out.
> Anybody have any resource or book ideas?  Thanks!
> Ben Johnson
> Senior Software Developer
> Collect America, LTD.
> 1999 Broadway, Suite 2150
> Denver, CO 80202
> [p]: 303.296.3345 x124
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