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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: [Q] Is it safe to create threads in Tomcat web-apps?
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 13:53:58 GMT
I am in total agreement and I have used user created threads on my site. I 
view user created threads as a "dangerous"  and usually un-needed thing.

Dangerous because of the side effects that aren't accounted for by more 
junior programmers such as concurrency, shutting down the JVM (or lack of 
being able to), more threads the system may handle, harder to track from a 
monitoring point of view the activites occuring in the JVM for trouble shooting.

User threads are not always a bad thing. But they can easily be abused 
because they seem like a cool-fun-novel coding solution.

-Tim wrote:
>>From: Tim Funk <funkman () joedog ! org>
>>- WHY! Are threads really the correct solution?
>>- And last but not least: WHY! Are threads really the correct solution?
> I'm getting the impression that you think multiple threads are never
> the right answer.  :) That's not necessarily true.
> Suppose that your response to a request contains three steps which are
> independant of one another; in order to deliver a faster response
> time, you'd like to execute them concurrently.

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