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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Logfile for isapi_redirector2.dll?
Date Fri, 25 Jul 2003 13:42:48 GMT

Sounds like a bug in isapi_redirector to me, or perhaps its a problem 
with the way IIS handles virtual hosts.  Or maybe I don't understand 
what you want to do.  In Apache, I setup one virtual host = one webapp.

hostA = appA
hostB = appB

With mod_jk (essentially isapi_redirector), appB is never available to 
hostA, and appA is never available to hostB.  A 404 results if I try:


Nathan Ward wrote:

> I don't mean to complain. I'm sure there are good reasons as you have
> mentioned why I haven't gotten more replies. I was trying to emphasize that
> I did appreciate the response in this case even though Ken didn't have much
> new info to offer.
> That said, I also asked what I thought were pretty simple questions about jk
> (isapi_redirector) like: Can I control what Tomcat webapps two virtual hosts
> (IIS web sites) can access? If not, how can I allow one IIS web site to
> access one webapp and another IIS web site access another but not both? Am I
> really the first one to have to do this or the first one that participates
> here? I guess so.
> That's OK though. It took me four days to figure out a solution, but I did
> learn a lot. I created a new valve that allows me to allow/deny access by
> server name (i.e. request.getServerName). Very similar to the
> RemoteHostValve.
> So, the answer that was basically that the ISAPI filter maps from IIS to
> Tomcat -- no other control provided by the filter. If you need more access
> control, use filters. I'm thinking that I'll submit my valve to be added to
> the Tomcat baseline. I suppose that the lack of response to my questions
> suggests that no one here knew that or at least no one that read my messages
> knew that. Maybe my subject lines didn't catch the right person's eye. I'm
> not bothered by it, but I am curious why I didn't get more replies.
>    Nathan

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