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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: RE : Get rid of socket write error
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:02:43 GMT
Feltesse Julien wrote:

>>2. Train your users to only click once.
> It's impossible to train users to act according to your wishes. Maybe if
> the problem is simple and thus can understand why they must act
> differently, it's possible. In our case, we just can't tell them "please
> be patient, otherwise you'll throw Socket write errors exceptions" ;)

People eventually learn that pressing the elevator button multiple times 
doesn't make the elevator show up any faster.  My point was that it 
might help to encourage your users to remember that repeated clicks 
don't help, not that you should try and explain socket exceptions to 
them.  We have found that using Javascript and the onLoad onUnload 
events of our HTML BODY tags to open/close a pop-up with an animated GIF 
in it that says "please wait, retrieving data" works wonders.  In other 
words, just tell them the "please be patient" part.

>>3. Rotate your logs every 24 hours using logrotate.
> Logs rotate every 24 hours using the 'standard' logger included in
> Tomcat.

So who cares how big the files get?  Is this exception really that big 
of a deal?

>>tell your developers to stop using System.out.println 
>>for printing stack traces when they have an exception
> We don't. We use jsp error pages and manage exceptions gracefully. But
> in this case, we don't even get a chance to manage the exception by
> ourselves. Otherwise it would have been quite easy ^^
> Here, Tomcat throws the exception and logs it WITHOUT asking anyone
> else. you need a way to trap exceptions thrown by Tomcat outside of 
an application Context?


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