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From Aurele Venet <>
Subject Re: Session persistance after server restart: a bug?
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:43:06 GMT
could not find the SESSION.ser file anywhere, however  declaring a 
Manager within  my context tag worked and allowed me to fine tune the 
session persist. 

Many thanks for your help!


Jon Wingfield wrote:

> Not a bug. Standard behaviour. Chack out the Manager element in the 
> server.xml
> If you haven't got a Manager explicitly added in the server.xml a 
> default is used (stores serialized sessions in a file SESSIONS.ser 
> under the work directory. If you don't fancy changing the server.xml 
> you can delete all SESSIONS.ser under work before you start tomcat)
> Aurele Venet wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am having a strange effect with my tomcat server.  My web app sends 
>> a session cookie (JSESSIONID) to the browser for session tracking.  
>> This keeps a boolean flag to say wether or not a user is logged in.  
>> I find that when I stop and restart the server, the cookie is sent 
>> back from the browser to the server, and the session id is recognised 
>> as a a valid ongoing session.  I then find that the boolean flag is 
>> true and I am not presented with the login form.  Has anyone had a 
>> similar experience?
>> At first I thought it must be due to some error in my code, however, 
>> i have monitored the http exchanges as well as  before any session 
>> variable settings (ie when the first servlet is accessed (2 simple 
>> html static files are accessed before where frames are set, and the 
>> servlet is invoked) I print the values that are currently in the 
>> session, and I find that indeed the session id given to the new 
>> session is exactly the same as the previous one, recorded in the 
>> cookie, and that the boolean flag is already set!
>> Any ideas why this is?
>> My env:
>> tomcat: 4.1.24 (also tested on 4.0.3 with same results)
>> browser: mozilla 1.4
>> OS: Sun Solaris 2.8
>> thanks
>> vrta
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