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From Aurele Venet <>
Subject Session persistance after server restart: a bug?
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 09:17:27 GMT

I am having a strange effect with my tomcat server.  My web app sends a 
session cookie (JSESSIONID) to the browser for session tracking.  This 
keeps a boolean flag to say wether or not a user is logged in.  I find 
that when I stop and restart the server, the cookie is sent back from 
the browser to the server, and the session id is recognised as a a valid 
ongoing session.  I then find that the boolean flag is true and I am not 
presented with the login form.  Has anyone had a similar experience? 

At first I thought it must be due to some error in my code, however, i 
have monitored the http exchanges as well as  before any session 
variable settings (ie when the first servlet is accessed (2 simple html 
static files are accessed before where frames are set, and the servlet 
is invoked) I print the values that are currently in the session, and I 
find that indeed the session id given to the new session is exactly the 
same as the previous one, recorded in the cookie, and that the boolean 
flag is already set!

Any ideas why this is?

My env:

tomcat: 4.1.24 (also tested on 4.0.3 with same results)
browser: mozilla 1.4
OS: Sun Solaris 2.8



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