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From Aurele Venet <>
Subject Re: Deploying a webapp with ant
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 14:55:13 GMT
I managed to deploy using ant with the following script:

  <target depends="init" description="Declaration of new remove + 
install tasks." name="declare">
    <taskdef classname="org.apache.catalina.ant.RemoveTask" 
classpath="${tomcatAntLib}" name="remove"/>
    <taskdef classname="org.apache.catalina.ant.InstallTask" 
classpath="${tomcatAntLib}" name="install"/>
    <target description="Remove web application" name="remove" 
    <remove password="root" path="/XAT" 
url="http://localhost:8000/manager" username="root"/>
  <target depends="declare,war,remove" description="Install web 
application" name="install">
    <install password="root" path="/XAT" 
url="http://localhost:8000/manager" username="root"

note you need tomcat/4.1.24 + tomcatAntLib path variable pointing to the 
ant jar file that comes with the tomcat installation.  (see the tomcat 
help pages for more info on ant deployment). (d_build = path to war file).

good luck


Michael Kessler wrote:

>I try to deploy my webapp with ant to our server. I searched within the
>tomcat mailarchive and of course also google, but I found no working
>My war file 'member.war' has a normal webapp structure, and I added
>context.xml to the META-INF folder with the content:
><context path="/member" docBase="member"/>
>within the ant script i run:
><tomcatDeploy url="http://a.b.c.d:8080/manager/" path="/member"
>username="xxx" password="xxx" war="file:{to_war}/member.war"/>
>In the log file I found:
>Manager: deploy: Deploying web application at '/member'
>Manager: Uploading WAR file to
>Manager: Extracting XML file to
>StandardHost[localhost]: Installing web application from URL
>the file member.xml has the same content as the META-INF/context.xml
>... but there is no context entry in server.xml nor has the webapp been
>unpacked or moved to the webapps directory!!
>my host entry from the server.xml:
>Any help is very welcome... thanx
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