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From Derek Chen-Becker <>
Subject Re: WAR That Runs Fine Under Tomcat 4.1.24 Fails Under 4.0.6 - Invalid DataSource
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 14:20:04 GMT
Funny, I had the opposite problem (worked under 4.0.6, died horribly 
under 4.1.24). Can you send a stack trace? I can't remember off the top 
of my head, but I think there's a way to inspect the JNDI tree under Tomcat.


Michael Duffy wrote:
> I've written a Web app that works fine under Tomcat
> 4.1.24.  It uses an app-specific Context to set up a
> JNDI data source that works fine.  It uses the
> org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSourceFactory and the
> Oracle 9.2 JDBC type IV thin driver.  The Oracle JDBC
> driver JAR is in TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib; all other
> JARs are in the WEB-INF/lib directory inside the
> deployed WAR.
> A vendor has shipped s'ware to me that has been tested
> under Tomcat 4.0.6.  The vendor won't guarantee proper
> operation under 4.1.24, because it hasn't been tested
> there.
> I downloaded 4.0.6, installed it on my machine, put my
> app WAR in TOMCAT_HOME/webapps, and put the <Context>
> into the server.xml.  The Oracle JDBC JARs are in
> TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib.  I checked the resources page
> to make sure that my Context from 4.1.24 was okay for
> 4.0.6.  There were no errors in the log file when I
> started up the app.  The XML parser accepted the
> server.xml without a problem.  I got the app log file
> that I asked for, and I can see debug info from my
> front controller servlet being written to it.
> However, as soon as it tries to access the database I
> get a "DataSource invalid - no suitable driver" error.
> Everything that I gave to 4.0.6 works perfectly under
> 4.1.24.  What common error causes this?  I scanned the
> Archive link from the mailing list page, but nothing
> suitable appeared.  Thanks - MOD
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