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From Volker <>
Subject TomCat 4.1.24 -> alias problem?
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 14:57:05 GMT

after installing TomCat 4.1.24 and making it run correctly with mod_jk
(jk1.2) I still have a little problem which I did not have in the former
TomCat 3.2.3 environment:

I have a "HttpTunnelingServlet.class" located under
which should be requested via the URL

That means should
result in requesting

Under /webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF in my TomCat 4.1.24 installation I placed
following web.xml file:


In contrast to the TomCat 3.2.3 environment in which you find files like
"", "tomcat-apache.conf" etc. in the /conf
directory of my new TomCat 4.1.24 /conf  I only find server.xml,
web.xml, tomcat-users.xml and files. shows up a 404 error
and the former working request

does not work at the moment.

Abviously the problem derives from a missing alias directive - can
anyone give me a hint? Will I have to edit server.xml AND mod_jk.conf or
which files?

Thanks and best regards


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