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From Zach Gatu <>
Subject JSP Precompilation / JSPC / JSP servlet mapping
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:24:35 GMT

I've set my Tomcat 4.1.24 installation to production mode, i.e. I've set 
'development' to false, 'reloading' to true and 'fork' to true in 

I have some JSPs that are modified from time to time.  My questions are:

1a. Why is the package name for java files generated from a JSP 
compilation different when using JSPC and when you let Jasper compile 
the JSP when you access it (especially for JSP in directories in a context)?

1b. Can you use JSPC to precompile JSPs into the work directory without 
having to wait till they are accessed or using something like UNIX's 
wget to 'touch' the file and force a compilation?

2. How exactly does Jasper precompile JSPs into the work directory?  Can 
one write an Ant build file to precompile JSPs in a context to the work 
dir the same way Jasper does?

3. If you've precompiled your JSPs and mapped them in web.xml would 
Jasper precompile them and reload them if they are subsequently modified?

4. What are the advantages of mapping JSPs in web.xml as opposed to 
having Jasper compile them in the work directory?


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