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From Geralyn M Hollerman <>
Subject "starting background thread"
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2003 20:06:32 GMT
When I was running Tomcat 4.0.4, I would get messages like the subject
line in my log file - I see a <Logger> element was set up in server.xml
to create the log file each day. However, I've upgraded to 4.1.24, and I
don't see these messages anymore; I thought I had figured out how to get
them created, but putting in a <Logger> element like I had in the
server.xml for 4.0.4 resulted in the log file having plenty of
information about the headers and data being served. I thought perhaps I
needed to add a "verbosity" attribute as described in Tomcat's Server
Configuration Reference, but that didn't have the effect I wanted ( I
set verbosity="4"). I'd imagine there were other ways of getting the
information on the starting and stopping of each thread, but it was nice
to have that info in a file I could refer to - especially when trying to
figure out what caused a server crash over a long weekend! I can get
along without that information in the logs, but does anyone know if it's
just a matter of changing some setting to get that printed out?

Lynn Hollerman.

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