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From Tim Funk <>
Subject Re: Upgrading Tomcat 5
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2003 10:58:54 GMT
I haven't played (much) with the new deployer functionality yet. So I am 
unfamiliar with the minor details (and issues) of the path based dependencies.

Running a script on config files is not a big deal for an upgrade. Most 
commercial software probably does that with (or without) our acknowledgement. 
   If the script were consistent it could always be packaged with tomcat to 
aid in upgrades.

The way apps are deployed (configured) is new and will have gotchas like 
this. But the code is open for anyone to say "I don't like that" and propose 
their change. (Or fork if you change isn't made)


Gerry Reno wrote:
> Tim,
>   Is this definitive?  I was hoping this would not be the case.  I
> think that requiring users to run content replacement scripts against
> their config files to accomplish an upgrade will definitely end up
> being problematic.
> Gerry

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