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From Michael Woinoski <>
Subject Re: Problem reloading unpacked web app with Tomcat 5.0.3
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 18:54:10 GMT
I've refined the problem somewhat. I think I need to supply a Context with
reloadable set to true. So how do I do that with an expanded app? If I copy a
context definition (<Context reloadable="true"... />) to webapps, Tomcat seems
to ignore it. I seem to remember reading that the context definition could be
stored in the app's META-INF dir, so I set Tomcat's unpackWARs to true and tried
the Ant deploy task again, but again the context definition was ignored.


Michael Woinoski wrote:
> I need to deploy a web app as an unpacked directory structure (the app needs to
> be able write a file to its WEB-INF). I also need to automate the deployment and
> reloading using Ant. So far, I've tried a few things:
> 1. setting unpackWARs in server.xml to true and copying the war file to the
> webapps dir
> 2. copying the expanded directory structure directly in webapps
> In both cases, the app deployment is successful initially. However, when I make
> changes (update the war file for case 1 or update the app's classes in case 2)
> Tomcat does not update the application (i.e., the class files are not reloaded.)
> The Ant reload task gives errors in both cases. I tried to undeploy and deploy
> the app using the Ant undeploy task but the undeploy also gave errors in both
> cases (IncompatibleClassChangeError). However, I can remove the app with the gui
> app manager.
> autoDeploy and liveDeploy are both set to true for the Host. Is there something
> else I need to do to notify Tomcat to reload the class files after
> modifications? Or is there another way to deploy the expanded app so it will be
> reloaded automatically?
> Thanks,
> Mike
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> Mike Woinoski                      Pine Needle Consulting
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Mike Woinoski                      Pine Needle Consulting

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