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From Michael Woinoski <>
Subject Problem reloading unpacked web app with Tomcat 5.0.3
Date Sun, 06 Jul 2003 04:03:23 GMT
I need to deploy a web app as an unpacked directory structure (the app needs to
be able write a file to its WEB-INF). I also need to automate the deployment and
reloading using Ant. So far, I've tried a few things:

1. setting unpackWARs in server.xml to true and copying the war file to the
webapps dir
2. copying the expanded directory structure directly in webapps

In both cases, the app deployment is successful initially. However, when I make
changes (update the war file for case 1 or update the app's classes in case 2)
Tomcat does not update the application (i.e., the class files are not reloaded.)

The Ant reload task gives errors in both cases. I tried to undeploy and deploy
the app using the Ant undeploy task but the undeploy also gave errors in both
cases (IncompatibleClassChangeError). However, I can remove the app with the gui
app manager.

autoDeploy and liveDeploy are both set to true for the Host. Is there something
else I need to do to notify Tomcat to reload the class files after
modifications? Or is there another way to deploy the expanded app so it will be
reloaded automatically?



Mike Woinoski                      Pine Needle Consulting

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