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From Mark Riddoch <>
Subject Re: Sharing a session between multiple frames
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 17:00:33 GMT

I will try to split out the code to a reasonable size. In the meantiem I 
have found out a little more information.... and it is very odd....
The setup under Tomcat 4.0 works with IE6 and Netscape 7. When I moved 
to I moved to Tomcat 4.1 it stopped working with IE6.
I just happen to have tried Netscape and it still works under netscape. 
Now I am really confused! Iam starting to look at the HTTP headers
to see what the difference might be.


Shapira, Yoav wrote:

>>I have a webapp that makes use of the session to store a key to track
>>the current state of a user. This all works fine under Tomcat 4.0 but
>>when I move to 4.1 on Linux I get a problem as soon as I start invoking
>>multiple frames on a page. It seems that a different thread is used for
>>the two frames on my page, and that the new thread that gets invoked
>>doesn't have the session object any more. Does anybody know of a way to
>>change the configuration of  Tomcat 4.1 so that I share the session
>>between the two frames?
>Sessions will be shared between the two frames.  Can you post specific
>code that fails in tomcat 4.1.x but works in 4.0.x?
>It is entirely possible, and legal, for different frames (which are
>different HTTP requests) to be served by different request processing
>threads in tomcat.  That wouldn't affect the session.
>Yoav Shapira
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