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From Riaan Oberholzer <>
Subject [Q] server.xml vs context.xml ?
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 14:26:08 GMT
I've had the problem where defining a Datasource in a
server.xml (as sub element of the context element) did
not work, but moving it to a context.xml for the
application (named 'appname.xml' eg) it worked fine.

What is the general rule regarding when to declare
e.g. Datasources for a specific application in the
server.xml and when to put it in a context.xml? The
Tomcat HOW-TO documentation explains that you must do
it in the server.xml, but this doesn't sound like the
best solution to me.

Why would one method work and the other not? Pro's &
con's of each? The obvious difference is that updating
server.xml would require a server restart where
working with a context.xml does not. But in the
server.xml you can specify resources globally for for
all apps, right? I tried this first, but couldn't get
it working... only when the resource was specific to
my application could I actually use it without getting

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