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From Riaan Oberholzer <>
Subject Re: [Q] Is it safe to create threads in Tomcat web-apps?
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 11:34:27 GMT
... nice suggestion, but I am delivering an
application as a .war file to a 3rd party and they
just want the .war (+ context.xml) with everything in
it.... hence, no other applications checking the logs
or database. All functionality must come from the .war
running in Tomcat. It is very important: all
functionality must be encapsulated in the .war file.
(I have no idea what cron +wegt is???)

I guess a daemon thread will be my choice solution for
now... what the thread does, is check a database daily
for a certain false condition and send an e-mail to
all users in question warning them about the current
status. E.g. if you have to submit your timesheet by
Friday 17:00, then you'll get a warning on Friday at
12:00 if it is not done yet.... something like that.

--- Tim Funk <> wrote:
> Tomcat doesn't provide this but other simple
> solutions exist such as exposing 
> a URL and using cron + wget. (Some may also say
> kludge too)
> As for aggregating statistics - I would recommend
> using a log file to record 
> the essential measurements then running your stats
> program on the logs. This 
> way - tomcat can crash (or other strange occurences
> may occur) and you lose 
> no data. If the data is already logged, then the
> first solution (cron + wget) 
> will work well too.
> -Tim
> Riaan Oberholzer wrote:
> > Well, that was part of my question.... if I
> > cannot/don't implement daemon threads to do e.g.
> > automatic daily tasks, what else? E.g, at the end
> of
> > the day send an e-mail to a (real life) manager
> with a
> > summary of the day's transactions.... something
> like
> > that.
> > 
> > Does Tomcat provide some sort of ActionEvent which
> you
> > can configure to be fired every x milliseconds?
> > 
> > 
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