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From Ivan Montoro <>
Subject Env var serverRoot or JkSet config.file
Date Thu, 24 Jul 2003 16:24:28 GMT
Nicolas, Simon, many thanks for the previous response.
To everybody else, hi again!

I'm a bit lost about configuration files with Apache
2.0+Tomcat 4.1+mod_jk2... I was trying to lower logger level to ERROR instead of
INFO/DEBUG, but at startup Tomcat told me:

(error ) [jk_config_file.c (279)]  config.update():
Can't find config file
( info ) [jk_config.c (251)]  config.setAttribute()
Error setting config: file

I was using "JkSet config.file" at httpd.conf just
after "LoadModule mod_jk2". Following instructions
from Nicolas' documents I did a export
serverRoot=/opt/apache2/ and everything worked fine.
Did Tomcat/Apache ignored my order or I was doing
something wrong? I would rather prefer to have a
config line rather than another line in my mega shell

Thanks everybody


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