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From kitty winslet <>
Subject tomcat web application manager question
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 12:50:37 GMT
Hi.. I followed the book and wrote a simple index.html and hello.jsp and saved in my W2K tomcat
server, path = C:\Tomcat\Tomcat-4-1-18\webapps\examples\ It works.  After that I was asked
to create hello.war file with this 2 files
Q1)May I know why I need to create war file?
Q2)Will JSP page works in pure apache or IIS server ?
After that I decided to create index.html and hello.jsp file to a different directory C:\Tomcat\Tomcat-4-1-18\webapps\hello\
 But ....\hello is not in the context path, that's why I go to http://server:port/hello/index.html,
I got 404.  So I need to specify the context path in the Tomcat Web Application Manager???
In Web Application Manager, there a new entry to fill for new application 1)PATH 2)Config
I create a context.xml with the following content and save to hello folder.
<context path="/hello" docBase="C:\Tomcat\Tomcat-4-1-18\webapps\hello" debug="0" reloadable="true"
crossContext="true"> </context>
and fill in the 3 entries with the following and click install
PATH = /hello 
Config URL= file:/C:\Tomcat\Tomcat-4-1-18\webapps\hello\context.xml
WAR URL= file:/C:\Tomcat\Tomcat-4-1-18\webapps\hello\hello.war
It give me the following, it seems perfect, 
OK - Installed application from context file file:/C:\Tomcat\Tomcat-4-1-18\webapps\hello\context.xml

Question 3) BUT WHY IT DOESN'T ADD ANOTHER ROW FOR THE NEW APPLICATION in the list of application
installed and WHEN I GO TO  http://server:port/hello/index.html it is still 404????   

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