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From Riaan Oberholzer <>
Subject Re: config help
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2003 11:48:59 GMT
You could set the max-connections in your dbpool
(defined in the datasource) to quite a big number. If
you have this low (eg 16), then chances are good that
you will have a bottleneck here and clients will have
to wait for a connection before they can continue.

Check that the size you configure in the datasource
connection pool can be handled by MySQL. Don't set
this to 256 eg if MySQL is configured for only 16

If you know the DB server will be available for the
3-4 hours, remove the "validation query parameter",
which will save you a db call per connection get.

And if you don't already use a db connection pool and
rather create connections as you need them and then
close them again, switch to the connection pooling.
You should see a significant improvement.

--- Geoff Peters <> wrote:
> Hi - I am currently in the process of deploying a
> web app using Tomcat 4.1.18, MySQL 3.23 on a Win2K
> Server. The app will be used heavily for a period of
> 3 - 4 hours, (probably a couple of thousand hits per
> minute), then never used again. 
> I am wondering what exactly I should do to enhance
> performace - other than some changes recommended to
> the server.xml file (i.e. setting debug to zero), I
> am not 100% sure what some of the other changes will
> do, specifically min and max processors, and other
> settings. Can someone please give me some pointers
> as to what I can so to maximize performance over
> this 3-4 hour period??
> Application is a series of MySQL based reports (all
> servlets), containing several select statements and
> using the MySQL JDBC driver.
> Thanks for any advice!
> Geoff
> Geoff Peters, SCJP            Phone  : (441)
> 296-9640
> Applications Developer        Fax    : (441)
> 292-1509
> Logic Communications          E-mail :
> 12 Par-La-Ville Road          WWW    :
> Hamilton, Bermuda  HM JX
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