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From Ivan Montoro <>
Subject Questions about optimization and proxy issues
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2003 18:32:49 GMT
Hi everybody,

We are building a JSP web application on Tomcat 4.1.
We have separated static and dynamic (JSP) content by
URL inside the code, so we can have two different
servers for both purpouses, and we have several

1) Why should we use mod_jk2, mod_webapp or mod_proxy
in this case? Should we put Tomcat directly on the
Internet or is there any good reason to setup an
Apache server in front of it?

2) I'm quite familiar with mod_proxy and Apache 2.0,
so it seems to me like the best solution, but I'm not
sure if I should use the APJ13 connectors...

3) Using Apache as frontend, could/should I disable
logging in Tomcat to improve speed?

4) Would using a ramdisk as storage for the "work"
directory decrease compiling and serving time?

5) Several docs of Java optimization talk about
evaluating different VMs. We are using Debian and
RedHat Linux, but AFAIK Sun's is the best bet for me,
isn't it?

6) Beyond -Xmx and -Xms, is there any other parameter
I could pass to catalina to modify the memory or
threads handling? I'm a bit lost in JVM parameters, so
futher directions will be realy appreciated.

Thanks to all, specialy to those who forgive me for my
poor english! :)


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