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From "Misha Gale" <>
Subject Finding out version number of an existing tomcat installation
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 15:11:36 GMT
Dear All,
Can anybody tell me of a way to find out what version of jakarta-tomcat
is installed on a system? More precisely, I need to know the patchlevel,
I know that the installation is 4.1.xx
If it helps, I think the installation date was Dec 19 2002

Having obtained this information, where can I then find a tarball of that
version? Does keep historical versions, and if not,
can anyone point me to a place that does? The reason for these somewhat
strange requests is that a developer who has now left my organisation
failed to leave behind any documentation for his TomCat installation, and
I now need to compare his customised installations to a clean install so
that I can write some installation instructions.

Any tips gratefully recieved.

Misha Gale
  Misha Gale

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