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From "Mailing Listen" <>
Subject Filter and servlet mapping problem
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2003 10:16:11 GMT
I have written a filter for my webapp where i catch the response and
Rewrite all URLs with a timestamp for bypassing some proxies that ignore
The settings i set on my webserver (e.g. no-cache, no-store,...).
The Filter works fine, but i haveto modify the requests when the reache
my webserver.
I am able to do this, but this only works if i the servlets i access are
mapped in the
web.xml of tomcat in the conf directory.
The servlets that are mapped within the web.xmnl in the current context
are not found.

For explaining my problem a little more here an example:

I have a URL like /myjsp.jsp
I rewrite ist with /myjsp_<timstamp_in_millis>.jsp (<timstamp_in_millis>
is the current timestamp)
I filter this to /myjsp.jsp if the user requests the rewritten URL
For .jsps that are mapped in the conf/web.xml file (by the default jsp
servlet) anything works
But i have some more servlet and some special jsp mappings that are
mapped within the context and here i recieve an 404 although the servlet
pathe and the URI are set correctly.

Any advice is welcome

Burkard Endres

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