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From "Tomcat Newbie" <>
Subject Double session cookie
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2003 01:35:28 GMT

I have a problem that has puzzled me for a while and since I was not unable
to find any answers in online archives or elsewhere, I decided to try it

I manage a low traffic web site for a friend of mine on the server running
Tomcat behind the Apache server. What I have been observing lately is that
occasionally I see two JSESSION cookies in the same session. I have seen
this happen even with a newly open browser instance. I am most certain that
this has been affecting the user experience, since in those cases the
browser sort of hangs. The kicker is, the problem only seems to affect
Internet Explorer (at least the version, I have tested with, latest 6.x with
all SPs), but not Mozilla based browsers (not certain about Opera and the

I am not setting a session timeout myself and was assuming/relying on the
default timeout managed by Tomcat. My guess is that any software involved in
the chain could be the culprit: IE, Apache, or Tomcat, and of course, the
site code in JSP. It is Tocat 4.1.24 and Apache 2.0.47. Not sure what
version connectors are, since I built them from source downloaded a few
months ago.

The question is, has anyone observed this on their websites? I presume, that
this is not normal, but is it? Any idea of what I can do about it and where
to look?

Thanks for any ideas,


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