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From "Donald Duquaine" <>
Subject Tomcat Education & Examples
Date Tue, 29 Jul 2003 16:10:33 GMT
I understand that this list can be helpful to have our questions answered.
And, that
books seem not to be the most up todate means to acquire the most current
and Tomcat (catalina) techniques.  I learn best by examples and I have been
a Tomcat
user for several years.  In all my google searching, I have not found a
robust template
example that has assisted me in creating my app.  I am having to code from
I have started over several times because my design was flawed for one
reason or another,
but I am making headway.  My app is now in production. What I want most is
to be
part of a group that is focused on developing the end application.  Tomcat
is an important
part of this development and this 'app-group' would need to recognize
Tomcat's capabilities.
How many others need an 'app-group'? or examples?

Best Regards,

Donald Duquaine
Millennium Laboratories Inc.
(813) 925-3871 voice (813) 925-3872 fax

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