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From "Bogdan Kiszka" <>
Subject JWSDP1.2 TOMCAT 5 and bootstraper JVM classes
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2003 03:58:14 GMT
I have installed JWSDP 1.2 with Tomcat 5 and tried to use servlet using
classes in JAR located in <java.home>\lib\ext. I need these there,
because the JAR, which I use for encryption, needs to be in trusted
directory with all security permissions granted.
When I have them stored in relevant application's WEB-INF/lib directory,
<jwsdp_home>\common\lib, <jwsdp_home>\server\lib,
<jwsdp_home>\jwsdp_shared\lib, or <jwsdp_home>\shared\lib - they always
have been loaded, but in servlet simply not trusted - in particular I
speak of bcprov-xxx.jar file.

Does anyone know, 1) why JARs from this directory do not load in Tomcat
with servlets, while with applets do, 2) where JARs with all security
permissions should be stored to be successfully loaded to cooperate with
servlets in Tomcat?

Thanks in advance.

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