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From "Delio Dirazar" <>
Subject Bean reset attributes
Date Tue, 01 Jul 2003 20:12:33 GMT

	I have a problem with a bean in a .jsp I get the error
"javax.servlet.ServletException: Property serviciosIntermedias returned
a null value". The error appear in the second time I access the page. I
don't reset explicitly the bean. This error not always occurs and it
happens when I access trough a Microsoft Proxy Server.

	The property serviciosIntermedias is used in a bean to contain
options to be used in a Html-Option-tag. The bean have session scope and
almost the first time, it return the values OK. I canĀ“t genertate the
error acceding directly without traversing any proxy.

	Anybody know about problems acceding trough a proxy ?.

	I suppose that is a caching problem.



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