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From John Turner <>
Subject Re: Running Tomcat3 on port 80
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 13:24:34 GMT

Yeah, maybe we do need a separate list.  Or a daily posting here that says 

I'm working on a virtual hosting HOWTO right now, thanks to a couple 
generous donations, both JK and JK2.  Once that is done, the only thing I 
can think of that might need to really be documented better is using JK and 
JK2 with SSL.  After that, a separate list might be overkill.  There's 
already the site for load-balancing info, and the good guides at

Maybe what would be better is for me or someone else (or many someones) to 
dive into the official docs and bring them up to snuff, instead of 
babelizing the knowledge.  I can do it, and have been meaning to for 
awhile, but I am usually swamped, as should be obvious by the basic text 
formatting of the how-to documents on my time for pretty 
stylesheets!!  LOL


On Mon, 16 Jun 2003 08:46:47 -0400, Ben Souther <> wrote:

> Just a word of caution.
> Running Tomcat as root can be a pretty serious security hole.
> Anyone who can put a put a JSP file onto your server can run
> java programs as root.  Since Java can execute shell commands,
> you've pretty much opened the door for someone to run anything they want.
> If multiple user's have access to this machine, you may want to either 
> spend the time, upfront, to integrate with Apache or go back to running 
> Tomcat on a high port number.   I'm using Port forwarding at the router 
> level to allows browsers to access JSPs on Port 80.  When we're ready to 
> deploy, I'll tackle integrating Apache and Tomcat.
> PS: Has anyone ever considered a separate list for integration?  It seems 
> like a large percentage of messages on this list are due to that one 
> issue. Thank God for John Turner...  :-)
> -Ben
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