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From Sven Kuenzler <>
Subject Restrict WebDAV servlet to context subdirectory
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 10:56:10 GMT
I would like to use the webdav servlet in the context of another web 
application. In particular, WebDAV only should make files beneath a 
certain subdirectory, say "docs/usr", available.

So I tried:


However, this produces strange behaviour trying to do a PROPFIND on 
several locations.
If I try to access /webapp/docs/usr, PROPFIND returns the files 
contained in the directory. That's what I expected.
If I try to access /webapp/docs/usr/, PROPFIND gives *all* files beneath 
the webapp root.
If I try to access /webapp/docs/usr/foo.txt (which exists in the 
folder), I get an 404 Not Found.

I looked into the WebDAV servlet if I there is a "mount point" parameter 
or something like that. But there is not.

Anything else to try?

Thanks, Sven

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