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From Chad Lemmen <>
Subject Tomcat classpath not set at boot
Date Fri, 13 Jun 2003 18:58:04 GMT
I've got Tomcat 4.1.24 starting at boot on my Linux box with a script in
/etc/rc.d/init.d.  The script looks like this

export JAVA_HOME

Tomcat is starting at boot and seems to work fine http://localhost:8080
brings up the default Tomcat home page.  The only thing that doesn't seem
to be working is my classpaths that I set in the file are not
being set.  If I start Tomcat from the command line my classpaths are
being read and my servlet works, but when starting Tomcat at boot my
classpaths don't seem to be set because when I try to run my servlet I get

I don't get this error when Tomcat is started from the command line.  Why
would starting it at boot time not use my user set classpaths?

Here is the portion of that I added my classpath to.

# Add on extra jar files to CLASSPATH
if [ -n "$JSSE_HOME" ]; then


I also tried adding the two jar files ReportAPIWithChart.jar and
ExportLib.jar to CATALINA_HOME/shared/lib

Both methods work and my classpaths are set and my servlet works, but only
if Tomcat is started from the command line "CATALINA_HOME/bin/".
Why doesn't this work when starting at boot?

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