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From Mindaugas Genutis <>
Subject RE: IOException: failed to communicate with MySQL
Date Tue, 03 Jun 2003 08:19:54 GMT

> a couple of days ago a post went by talking about MySQL default timeout
> being set to 8 hrs for connections... betting this might be your problem...

Thanks for pointing this out. I've read the thread "Tomcat problems every 
morning". However, no solution was suggested in that thread. One can 
assume the solution implicitly: increase default MySQL timeout from 8 
hours to say 48 hours. However, if my application stays idle for 48 hours 
during holidays, it will disconnect after that.

Does anyone else have a suggestion on how to improve on this?

> Hello,
> My JSP application very often after night, in the morning stops
> communicating with MySQL database. I get an exception each morning (the
> exception body goes below). The application starts to work again after I
> restart it from the Tomcat Manager.
> Maybe someone else also had this same problem? My server configuration:
> Linux Redhat, Tomcat 4.1.24, Java 1.4.1.
> My assumptions where the problem might be: the MySQL connections are
> "eaten" by another application or they are "eaten" by my application
> somewhere inside and never closed. Or maybe during the night when no one
> is working with my application it somehow "frozes"? Can anyone give me a
> clue how to start debugging these early morning crashes?
> Another clue: Connections to the database are made through an SQLManager
> which is a class written by another programmer. The class is a singleton.
> Could it be that I have to reset it more often?

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