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From "Carlos-Roberto Queiroz" <>
Subject RE: Bugs with Session Replication
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2003 12:54:11 GMT

      Thanks for the reply, Filip, I´ve already found out the problem.
After I first tried the serverside article, I deleted javagroups.jar and
tomcat-javagroups.jar from server/lib before running the second article
(duh!!), that was the cause of all those hexa characters. When I put them
back, it worked fine. After using it for some time, our application
randomly returns the following message :

Fatal Error


Routine : doPost

System Message : Read of HTTP Request POST parameters failed: read <
content length

      However, after such error, the session still goes on. Could it be
that replication is not sending the entire session attributes ?

                      "Filip Hanik"                                                      
                      <>         To:       "Tomcat Users List" <>
                                               cc:       <>
                      21/06/2003 05:32         Subject:  RE: Bugs with Session Replication


works fine,

turn off your debugging -->debug="10" set to debug="0" and nothing will be
the article on theserverside only works for Tomcat 4.0.x not 4.1.x.

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> From: Carlos-Roberto Queiroz []
> Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2003 2:54 PM
> To:
> Subject: Bugs with Session Replication
>       Hello, could anyone help me ? I ´ve tried three implementations for
> session replication with Tomcat (4.1.18 on Red Hat 7.2) but I´ve got
> problems with all of them. I first used the solution discussed in Filip
> Hanik´s article on ServerSide, "In Memory Session Replication in
> Tomcat 4",
> but every time I entered our application there was a StackOverflowError
> with literally "thousands" of calls for method expire(). Then I tried the
> article "Tomcat 4 Clustering - How to" from the same author
> (, but I noticed a huge amount
> hexadecimal characters being inserted in catalina.out, and that will
> trouble administration, since even a tail command halts trying to read
> file. At last, I tried the PersistentManager that comes with comments
> inside server.xml, but it seemed not to work at all. I could really use
> some advice on that.
> Thanks
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