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From "Jacob L E Blain Christen" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat Standalone and Virtual Hosting
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:49:33 GMT
> I have a web application deployed under Tomcat v4.1.18 (port 8080).  Is it
> also possible to configure the Tomcat Standalone Service to 
> support virtual
> hosting, but on port 80?  If so, how is this accomplished?  What is the
> "best practices" method for storing static web content in this situation?
> Should the web content be placed in the Tomcat directory, or 
> someplace else?
> Any guidance you can provide is appreciated.

I had to address this question for myself a few weeks ago and what
I came up with was having Apache sit in front of Tomcat with mod_jk
installed (multiple Tomcat instances behind one Virtual Server
configured Apache instance).  For me this was necessary but it may
well be overkill for most.  In the least I suggest you take a look at which
says that you can embed context's (aka webapps) inside Host elements
which in turn are embedded in Engine elements.  One or more virtual
hosts are configured this way within a particular engine. (This was 
how I had my setup before, aka a one-to-one mapping between Tomcat
and Apache instances).

As far as changing the port you merely need to modify the Connector
that listens on 8080 to listen to 80 instead.

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