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From "Jacob L E Blain Christen" <>
Subject RE: Singleton across multiple contexts
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 21:10:07 GMT
> I do have a database. Databases are supposed to store data, 
> aren't they? ;-)

Yeah, which is why ...

> Now seriously... My application includes a web interface to a "kind of" 
> workflow system.
> This component is the "workflow engine", which is in charge for 
> automatic (background) state changes and actions. When my 
> business/persistence logic changes a state, new potential tasks for this 
> "engine" arise. So it has to be notified (=called) from any context that 
> may change a state.

... you should use one here.  You are describing state changes that need
to happen in an atomic manner and "exist" in one and only one place.
The semantics of db interactions are perfectly suited for what you are
trying to do.

Jacob L E Blain Christen
Entheal LLC

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