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From "Antony" <>
Subject Re: [OT] best hardware config for Tomcat
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:26:27 GMT
Ours is an intranet business application. So no immediate money is to be
expected. Any way I will stress testing of our existing development server.
Thanks for the reply
regards Antony
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From: "Chong Yu Meng" <>
To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 6:33 PM
Subject: Re: [OT] best hardware config for Tomcat

> Antony wrote:
> >Thanks for the reply. I had never thought of the RAID sub system. My
> >situation is that there is no one I know to advice me in this regard and
> >company can't affod any highly paid consultancy. That is why asked a
> >question like this here.
> >    Another question. Do Tomcat a requires a faster hard disk. The
> >application uses JSP and Servlets only. No HTML pages are used and it
> >generates some PDF and Excel files. It also serves some small images
> >from local hard disk. I think Tomcat will cache these images. Now my
> >is  whether Tomcat's performance increases by faster DDR RAM.
> >
> >regards Antony
> >
> >
> Antony,
> The answer to your problem is not in better RAM, a faster hard drive or
> even an expensive consultant. In what I consider "deep-s**t" situations
> like yours, where you have little time, no money and nobody you can turn
> to except yourself and the mailing list, your best bet is to deploy
> quickly and try getting money in, first. Why ? Because you're never
> going to have enough resources (hard drive, RAM, CPU) unless you make
> enough money to justify those resources.
> For example, if I have a single-processor Pentium II 400MHz machine with
> a 40GB hard drive and 128MB RAM, I would benchmark it against the number
> of concurrent connections it can handle. I would then take that number
> and multiply it by 10 to give me a total number of customers (in Asia
> this is realistic, though I cannot say for other parts of the world). I
> would calculate how much money I would make off those customers and then
> see if I should :
> (a) invest in more hardware (RAM, CPU, HDD)
> (b) buy another server
> (c) hire a consultant
> (d) give myself an obscene amount of money !
> Hope this helps !
> Regards,
> pascal chong
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