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From "Antony" <>
Subject [OT] best hardware config for Tomcat
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 06:55:47 GMT
Hi all,
      If it is not the place to ask this question forgive me Please any one
tell me a place to ask this question.
      I want to know the most suitable hardware configuration for Tomcat. We
have to run both Tomcat and Oracle 8i on it. It  is business( intranet )
application with about 10 users accessing at starting but planning to take
it to 60 users in future. Then we can increase the RAM to accommodate new
users. I assume by increasing RAM we Tomcat can service more users. Am I
right ?
    I am not an admin or hardware expert. We plan to buy an assembled
system. We can afford only Intel based system. I have several questions. Do
Tomcat need the processing power of dual processor PIV or single Xeon
processor ?. What kind of memory shall I use SDRAM or DDR ?  Do Tomcat need
large amount of memory or high speed memory ?.We plan to use a single hard
disk. What type of hard disk is best for this configuration ?. SCSI or IDE ?
When I lloked at the Intel site I have seen different categories like
server,mainstream ,work station, performance etc. Remember I can't recommend
any latest high cost technology.
      At present three developers are using a single Pentium 4 based system
with 512 MB of SDRAM with Oracle and Tomcat running. It runs fine in it. We
dont have conducted any stress test on it. We dont know to use JMeter or
something else. I have to give the config details within 2 days.
      Any comments will be apprecited.


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