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From "Michael Cardon" <>
Subject Tomcat on Linux HOWTO
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 17:43:13 GMT
Hope this helps someone out there.  I sure appreciated all the help I
received from people when I was going through this and trying to get things
setup right and working.

I have written a student assessment program using the Struts framework. This
program will be used by over 70 school districts in the State of Oregon. I
have a database backend and want to run several instances of Tomcat using
Apache2 as a load balancer between them.

I didn't need apache to server any pages, I just wanted it to do load
balancing between my tomcat servers.

I have 2 machines, M1 and M2.  On M1 I run apache and 2 instances of the
tomcat server.  On M2 I run my 3rd instance of tomcat.

I am running Linux 8.0, Apache2, Tomcat 1.24, j2sdk1.4.1_03, and mod_jk2
using channelSockets.  I could never get jni or channelUnix to work on


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