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Subject Re: Conflict of Kazaa and Tomcat
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 20:14:56 GMT

Kazaa implants several Spyware Trojan Horse Programs which run (and use 
ports of their own choosing!) even without the Kazaa Server being active! 
This is why an inactive Kazaa might interfere with Tomcat. Probably the 
spyware applications use the same ports as Tomcat!

Kazaa also downloads illegal (not licensed) programs which might also be  
infected with viruses. Your ISP knows that you are using Kazaa and you open 
yourself to possible prosecution for using unlicensed products!

Kazaa is a brilliantly architectured malignant application and IMHO you 
should uninstall it ASAP.

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>Hi guys,
>I am a newbie to Tomcat. I followed all the instructions on how to set up 
>the tomcat server. I managed to test if it is working and stuff.
>I setup the server properly. Ran the test page, I managed to get the to 
>Tomcat set up test page correctly displayed. PROBLEM: All the set up and 
>test were done with my Kazaa switched off.
>When my kazaa is running, this is where the problem lies.
>If I were to let my Kazaa to run, I find that my Tomcat server can be 
>successful started up. When I try to access my localhost site on my IE, it 
>turns out that the Download folder of Kazaa is the root for my localhost 
>I am using Windows XP. Does anyone know why when I am running Kazaa, the 
>tomcat server cannot be started ?
>Regards David

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