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From Scott <>
Subject Sharing a connection pool among contexts
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2003 17:57:56 GMT
Hi, I have configured the commons-dbcp datasource as a JNDI resource for 
MSSQL and Oracle and all is working as expected. However, as I understand, 
it is only possible to keep a factory as a resource and so a new datapool 
must be created everytime a JNDI lookup is done. I would like to share a 
single connection pool among different contexts.

My first attempt was to create a listener that put a single instance of a 
pool into the JNDI only to find that it is read-only. For my next attempt I 
am thinking of creating a javabean with a static collection of datasources 
and name keys that can be gotten as a JNDI resource so that the different 
applications can just retrieve the bean and do a lookup of the datasource 
that way.

Am I missing an easier or better way to do this? I do not have any 
experience with Javabeans and based on the stuff I've seen on the web beans 
are usually graphic oriented. Is this an appropriate use of a bean (or 
perhaps an Enterprise Javabean)?

Thank you in advance,

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